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Happy tails wagging here! Love this book! 
You are never too young to learn the lesson of “shaking it off” and moving forward in difficult times. 
Thank you Lolly and Polly!

Mindfulness Life lessons, interactive fun, adorable characters, bright colors and graphics, and a cute story. It’s got it all! Love love love ❤️

Love this book! 

Happy tails wagging here!

Cathlin and Aaron

“I give it 5000 stars. I like the part where Polly tells her mommy to remember Lolly when she’s sad and it made my heart happy” - Lani

This beautifully illustrated book has the perfect amount of silliness to keep your child’s attention and a reminder that we can all teach each other something. Even our fuzzy friends remind us that hard times are temporary. We love it! - Akasha

We love

I give it 5000 stars.

Lani and Akasha

"I love reading this book to my daughter! It's fun, interactive, easy to understand, and sends a great message about shaking things off and getting back to happiness! We will definitely be reaching for this book on many occasions."  

getting back to happiness

sends a great message about shaking things off and...

Jessica Hayes

Meet the authors

Inspired by conversations with their 1 and a half year old daughter Ava, about their dog, Sage - Aaron and Elizabeth (Elly) began writing short stories. They have always shared a commitment to growth and development, mindfulness and positivity and wanted to share these lessons in a way that their child could understand.

While their stories were originally written just for her, they started to dream of something more. After much research, their dream became a reality when they published their first children's book in 2021 - "Be happy like a dog".

...and their biggest inspiration

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This is the first of many in the "Growing up with Lolly and Polly" series.

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